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Royal Armenia

Royal Armenia JV LLC is the first company in Armenia to process and package high-quality green coffee.

Royal Armenia imports the best varieties of green coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. The products of the company fully meet all international quality requirements and technical regulations relevant to this product category. Royal Armenia is the only company in the region that has a production process which fully meets the state and international standards for quality and food safety management (ISO 22000:2005), as well as all technical regulations of the Customs Union.

The company offers all coffee lovers a wide range of coffees from natural roasted beans, the best blends of ground coffee obtained from selected beans of Arabica and Robusta, 100%-natural instant freeze-dried coffees RA Premium and RA Gold, instant 3-in-1 coffee drinks with three different flavors, instant hot chocolate drink, instant tea drinks with 4 flavors, as well as black pepper in peas and ground.


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