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“Valan Decor” LLC was founded in 2013 and produces decorative cournices and rosettes under “DecoStar” brand.

“Valan Decor” imports high-quality raw material from the world well- known German company “BASF”, whose name is associated with the currently widespread and applicable styrofoam. Imported raw material is ecologically clean, which means that it is absolutely safe for the environment.

“Valan Decor” is the first company in Armenia, who has imported special equipment and applies the technology of “Double Steaming”, which makes it possible to get rid of excessive pores. Thanks to the use of “Double Steaming” technology our products meet the highest quality standards, that is high density, flexibility, as well as exclusively smooth surface and natural gloss. “DecoStar” products even do not require additional painting.

Our company pays great attention to both quality and design. The styling and designs of products are developed by a special group of designers, who always try to create new models in line with fashion trends. Due to high-quality raw material, modern developed technologies and the first hints of fashion trends we produce stylish, elegant and high-quality decorative cornices and rosettes, which will satisfy all demands of any consumer.



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